Rick Thomas

Ph.D. 2004, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Oklahoma

My primary research focus involves the application of mathematical memory models to study the role of memory processes in judgment and decision-making phenomena. In the laboratory, I employ experimental methods and procedures from memory paradigms to help understand judgment processes. My current research investigates how a modified version of MINERVA-DM, HyGene, accounts for the effects of hypothesis generation on probability judgments, confidence judgments and hypothesis testing.

I also do work concerning the study of expertise, primarily in the areas of performance evaluation and the development of decision support tools. I am particularly interested in applications of the CWS index to evaluate expertise. CWS employs the ratio of discrimination to inconsistency within a set of judgments to assess the performance of experts. My colleagues and I have successfully applied CWS in auditing, livestock judging, medicine, personnel selection, and air traffic control (ATC).